Sangdil Episode 65 - Ghana Ali - Qaiser Khan Nizamani
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Sangdil is a story of stepsisters, Sofia and Zoobia. Sofia, who is similar to her mother Farkhanda, is an exemplary child but quite ordinary in looks, whereas Zoobia, possess good looks and is the apple of her father’s eye has contradictory traits. Zoobia’s mother has passed away so all the attention is paid to her and none to Sofia.

Zoobia falls in love with Shahzaibwho is an actor by profession, but despite being her father’s favorite, Touseef does not approveShahzaibbecause of his vocation. Consequently, she develops a pre-conceived notion that her step mother Farkhanda is behind her father’s decision, which accelerates resentment in the family.

Another twist in the story happens when Zohaib, a new member to the neighborhood, meets and falls in love with Zoobia. Sofia who also likesZohaibmisconceives the idea that Zohaib’s family would like her to be their daughter-in-law, thus making her falls for unrequited love.

Zoobia is unable to forget Shahzaib, but at the same time she is smitten by Zohaib’s charm. Moreover, the resentment towards Sofia is another factor for saying a ‘yes’ to Zohaib’s proposal, since she doesn’t want her sister to get what she desire.

Who will Zoobia choose? What would be the result of Sofia’s patience’s and desires?

‘All is well that ends well’- will this be the denouement of the story?

Qaiser Khan Nizamani,
Nazli Soomro,
Kiran Haq,
Ghana Ali,
Naeem Haque,
Hamad Farooqi,
Mehak Ali,
Gul E Rana,
Hajra Khan,
Faisal Naqvi

Written By: Sadia Akhtar

Directed By:AsadJabal

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