Dour | Episode 20 | Best Scene 09 | HAR PAL GEO
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Dour narrates a tale of a woman’s power over her household and the way she keeps the strings of each and every one in her own hands likes a puppeteer.
Mrs. Ehtisham is a woman who has everything that she can wish for a successfully running business and two sons to further add to her strength. Despite being an influential and dominating figure, a dark past lingers behind her which she is not ready to reveal at any cost. One of her sons, Abaan is handicapped which has made him finicky and arrogant while Romaan is a straightforward, caring young man. In efforts to hide her past secrets, she can go to any length even if it means hurting someone.
On the other hand, Asma hails from a lower-middle-class family and in a strange encounter, she meets Romaan who is instantly drawn towards her. Romaan’s efforts to convince her mother becomes successful as she cares about Romaan’s feelings however she sets up a plan to make Asma’s life difficult.
Will Asma bring the past of her mother in law to the surface and will she ever be able to stand up against her? Will the reality of Romaan’s family be exposed in front of everyone?

Written by: Saji Gul
Directed by: Mazhar Moin
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment


Azfar Rehman
Hina Altaf
Ali Abbas
Sania Saeed
Adla Khan
Hania Ahmed
Emaan Ahmed
Iffat Omar
Haris Waheed
Saleem Mairaj
Nayyar Ejaz
Mizna Waqas
Hameedullah Khan
Musazam Shah
Musazam Shah
Meesam Naqvi
Fazila Qazi

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